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Fakten statt Mythen // 
Des faits plutôt que des mythes

The blog "Fakten statt Mythen / Des faits plutôt que des mythes" was launched in 2015 as a cooperation between the SNyMS and the Swiss Refugee Council (SFH/OSAR) and finalized in 2019. The aim was to juxtapose the assertions and myths about asylum and migration policy issues with actual facts and scientific insights and thus contribute to objectifying the public debate. From 25 November 2015 to 28 February 2019, the cooperation partners published a total of 142 "Facts instead of Myths" articles on the SFH Website, Facebook and Twitter. The blogposts reached an audience of experts from policy, academia and journalism. The more topical and controversial the posts were, the more reactions they generated. The articles on the credibility of asylum seekers (“Viele Asylsuchende lügen!” – Wirklich?) and on spending on asylum («Die liegen uns nur auf der Tasche»), but also on imprisoned minors, on climate refugees or on what's really behind the asylum statistics, were very well received by the public and were widely shared in the social media.

The blog posts are now exclusively available on our website. 

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