Our Writing Days

Does your writing come up short? Is your writing flow constantly interrupted by your everyday life?

The Writing Days are designed to allow you to work on your writing project in a focused and efficient manner. We block out an entire day where you can switch your everyday life to flight mode and write in peace. By writing together and setting goals in plenary, we will create a supportive and focused structure that can help you complete academic work on time. Moreover, the SNyMS Writing Days will allow you to meet and network with other young migration scholars.

The Writing Days take place every two weeks on Friday or Saturday. Due to the Coronavirus, the Writing Days will for the time take place online via zoom. Register for the Writing Days to get the zoom-link.

Power Writing Day

The Power Writing Day is a very special writing day. You will learn different techniques to train your concentration-muscle and improve your overall writing productivity. Together, we will create a flow board to track our progress and use a mind dump for thoughts that intrude our focus. Throughout this day, we will work in five focus sessions. You'll be surprised how much work you'll get done in this supportive and motivating environment, promise!

Working from Home

How does a Writing Day look like?

8.15                  Start / Introduction

8.30                  Working period

10.00                Break / Talks / Coffee/Comfort

10.30                Working period

12.00                Individual Lunch

14.00                Working period

15.00                Break / Talks / Coffee/Comfort

15.30                Working period

17.00                End

You can also make your own mini-breaks, join later or leave earlier. This timetable is primarily intended as a common guideline. The timetable is discussed at the start of each writing day with our participants to adapt it to your needs.


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