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The SNyMS Tandem is a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for SNyMS members. The idea behind the SNyMS Tandem is to offer an easy and accessible platform for members to find peers working on related issues to build a bilateral support system during the PhD process and to facilitate the establishment professional ties and exchange across disciplines and universities. As the SNyMS has members from different disciplines, working on different topics in different institutions, the Network is an ideal platform to connect interested members. Once a tandem has been formed, the members organize themselves and meet regularly based on their needs in order to exchange ideas, discuss progress and questions and to give each other feedback and support.

The SNyMS Tandem is primarily addressing PhD students. Members at a more advanced stage of their academic careers are invited to act as mentors. The mentoring tandem aims at bringing together more advanced researchers and younger members to guide them through the early stages of their PhDs. The mentoring tandem allows younger members in the network to profit from the experience of other members.

Members interested in participating in a Tandem are asked to write to and indicate their research interest, disciplinary focus and stage of PhD, as well as whether they would prefer participating in the peer-to-peer tandem or a mentoring tandem. 

Image by Tiffany Nutt
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