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Di., 04. Okt.



Disentangling Entangled Mobilities

Reflections on forms of knowledge production within migration studies

Disentangling Entangled Mobilities
Disentangling Entangled Mobilities

Time & Location

04. Okt. 2022, 18:30 – 19:30


About the event

European migration studies have been criticised for having certain epistemological and theoretical underpinnings that

reproduce hegemonic structures, especially the ‘national order of things’ and colonial legacies. In her short keynote address, Anna Wyss proposes the concept of ‘entangled mobilities’ to address some of these challenges. She will give an introduction to this concept and discuss examples of applications. Following the keynote, there will be time to discuss how this concept can be useful for migration scholars from different disciplines.

Dr. Anna Wyss is a social scientist interested in the governance of mobility, mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, and the anthropology of the state and the law. Currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Public Law at the University of Bern, she has (co-)authored ‘Migrants before the Law. Contested Migration Control in Europe’ (Palgrave, 2019) and ‘Navigating the European Migration Regime: Male Migrants, Interrupted Journeys and Precarious Lives’ (Bristol University Press 2022).

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Meeting-ID: 643 2625 520

PW: 705101

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