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About Us

The Swiss Network of Young Migration Scholars (SNyMS) is a non-profit association founded in Berne on 14 August 2014 that brings together young migration scholars from different scientific disciplines, universities and language regions in Switzerland. It is also open to academic staff and professionals, to institutions and private persons with a special affiliation to the migration field in Switzerland.

The purposes of the SNyMS are to

  • provide a platform for cooperation, discussion and exchange for Migration Scholars

  • disseminate information and share opportunities regarding Migration Studies Research

  • organize gatherings for academics within the Migration Studies Research

  • function as a public resource on Migration Studies Research.


Get our book!

Asile et abus // Asyl und Missbrauch
Regards pluridisciplinaires sur un discours dominant

Published by Anne-Cécile Leyvraz, Raphaël Rey, Damian Rosset, Robin Stünzi


Our Projects

Projects are one of the core businesses of this Network as they create opportunities for our members to mingle, brainstorm, exchange, research and propose creative solutions. They enable young researchers to work together with a team of people from different backgrounds.

Members are welcome to join existing projects at any time or start new ones.



Writing Retreat

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Writing Days


Other Projects

Upcoming Events

  • Sa., 24. Apr.
    24. Apr., 08:15 – 17:00 MESZ
    Finish your writing project in a focused and efficient manner!
  • Fr., 09. Apr.
    09. Apr., 08:15 – 16:30
    You will learn several techniques to improve your focus and train your concentration-muscle!
  • Di., 23. März
    Online Event
    23. März, 18:30
    Online Event
    Join us online for an informal get-together, where we will be talking about our research, life in academia, and life in general.
  • Sa., 20. März
    20. März, 08:15 – 17:00 MEZ
    Finish your writing project in a focused and efficient manner!

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