About us

The Swiss Network of Young Migration Scholars (SNyMS) is a non-profit association founded in Berne on 14 August 2014 that brings together young migration scholars from different scientific disciplines, universities and language regions in Switzerland. It is also open to academic staff and professionals, to institutions and private persons with a special affiliation to the migration field in Switzerland.

The purpose of the SNyMS is to

  • provide a platform for cooperation, discussion and exchange for Migration Scholars
  • disseminate information and share opportunities regarding Migration Studies Research
  • organize gatherings for academics within the Migration Studies Research
  • function as a public resource on Migration Studies Research.


Next events:

  • 18th of july 2017: Meeting of the Executive Commitee and informal meeting with the members in Bern
  • 9th of october 2017, 18.30: “Speed Research” and General Assembly in Bern