Member of Executive Committee, Project Leader Ciné-Migration

PhD topic: Ambivalent Laws, Ambivalent Emotions – Internal Border Control Practices and Street-Level Decisions on Irregular Migration

Field(s) of research: Social Sciences, Anthropology, Law, Public Administration

Field(s) of interest: (Irregular) Migration, Public Administration, Discretion, State Practices, Organisational Management

Institutional Affiliation: PhD Candidate at Bern University, Institute of Sociology, Project funded by the SNSF (153225)

Publications: Borrelli, L.M. and Lindberg, A. (2016) Lithuania’s ‘Hotel’ with Special Guests. Available at:'s

Personal background: After studying Social Sciences at Cologne University and Communications or Development, as well as European Studies at Malmö University, Lisa is now writing her PhD in the project „Contested Control at the Margins of the State - Government responses to irregular migration in the Schengen Area“. Her main interest is how states and linked offices, institutions and agencies work with irregular migration and which impact the street-level bureaucrat has on daily practices and their, as well as the migrant’s, everyday lives.

Migrationscholars working groups: Cine-Migration