Facts instead of myths

In collaboration with the Swiss Refugee Council (SFH/OSAR) a blog­project was started on the 7 th October 2015, with the ambition to destroy or rectify public myths about asylum in short articles of about one page written in non­academic language. The articles are published every Wednesday on the website of the Swiss Refugee Council. Until today, over 40 articles have been published. Besides the 13 authors from the Swiss Refugee Council, about 20 members of the Swiss Network of Young Migration Scholars already contributed to this project and wrote an article. The feedback on social media and among the public has been very positive and promising.

Active Members:

Fabienne BretscherTobias Eule, Sascha Finger, Nula FreiTeresia GordzielikAnne KneerAnne-Cécile Leyvraz, Laure SandozRobin StünziNesa Zimmermann,

Contact persons:

Nula Frei and Anne Kneer