Ciné-Migration: “Deportation Class” – 2nd May

On May 2nd, 19:00 we would like to invite you to the screening ofDeportation Class‘ at the Cinéma Oblo in Lausanne (Avenue de France 9, 1004 Lausanne).
The documentary, done by Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler, depicts a deportation or ’special flight’ to Albania
Synopsis: They come in the night, tear families from their sleep, give them just enough time to pack and put them on a plane: this is the role of the so-called ‘transportation commandos’ comprising police officers and immigration officials. The documentary DEPORTATION CLASS, led by Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler, presents a collective deportation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It gives a comprehensive view of this state enforcement measure for the first time, following German bureaucrats and officers from the planning in the office to night-time operations at asylum seeker accommodation blocks. It follows ‚failed‘ asylum seekers until their arrival back in their respective homelands and asks the question of what awaits them there. While more and more countries are declared to be ‘safe countries of origin’ and basic rights are restricted, the film depicts these ‘returnees’ as people with dignity and their own opinions.
After the movie, we will have a short input on the similarities of deportation practices in Switzerland by Dr. Lisa Marie Borrelli (HES-SO Valais, NCCR-on the move), after which we encourage a lively discussion on the topic.
We are looking forward to seeing you!