Member of Executive Committee

PhD topic: Whose security? The Swiss politics of asylum and the securitization of migration

Field(s) of research: Social Sciences, Geography, Law

Field(s) of interest: Migration theories; European politics of migration and asylum; Movements of refugees; Swiss politics of asylum; Migration-Security nexus; Integration of the second generation

Institutional Affiliation: Swiss Forum for Migration and population studies (SFM) and Center for Migration Law (CDM), University of Neuchâtel

Personal background: Robin has studied Human Geography at the universities of Neuchâtel and Palermo, Italy, and has been a visiting scholar at the Department of Political Science in the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY). He is a PhD candidate at the Center for Migration Law (CDM) where he writes a dissertation on the “securitisation” of the Swiss politics of asylum. He is currently working at the Swiss Forum for Migration and population studies (SFM) where he is responsible for the Swiss “pathways to success” project, on trajectories of successful political and social incorporation of children of immigrants.