Member of Executive Committee, Project Leader Vulnerability, Member

PhD topic: The concept of vulnerability in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights

Field(s) of research and interest: Swiss and comparative constitutional law, human rights, refugee&migration law, anti-discrimination law, protection of minorities

Institutional Affiliation: University of Geneva, Department of Public Law


Personal background: Nesa studied Swiss, European and public international law at the university of Neuchâtel and at King's College London (LL.M.). She then worked for four years as a teaching and research assistant in constitutional & human rights law at the University of Geneva. In her Ph.D., she tackles a series of migration-related issues from a human rights perspective. In spring 2016, Nesa co-organised an interdisciplinary conference on migration & vulnerability with other members of the working group on vulnerability.

Migrationscholars working groups: Vulnerability (Project Leader), Abus, Ciné Migration, Fakten statt Mythen