Our working group Ciné-Migration assembles several members of the SNyMS who share a particular interest in cinema and are thrilled by the original, diverse, intelligent ways in which migration can be approached through cinematographic languages. Our aim is to organise film evenings where, in addition to the screening, people can engage in a (short!) debate with experts on the topic addressed by the film. Experts include academics as well as people who have practical knowledge and/or personal experience of the subjects discussed.

Next screening:

Deportation Class, a documentary by Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler

Cinéma Oblo, Lausanne(Avenue de France 9, 1004 Lausanne)

The documentary depicts a deportation or ’special flight’ to Albania
Synopsis: They come in the night, tear families from their sleep, give them just enough time to pack and put them on a plane: this is the role of the so-called ‘transportation commandos’ comprising police officers and immigration officials. The documentary DEPORTATION CLASS, led by Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler, presents a collective deportation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It gives a comprehensive view of this state enforcement measure for the first time, following German bureaucrats and officers from the planning in the office to night-time operations at asylum seeker accommodation blocks. It follows ‚failed‘ asylum seekers until their arrival back in their respective homelands and asks the question of what awaits them there. While more and more countries are declared to be ‘safe countries of origin’ and basic rights are restricted, the film depicts these ‘returnees’ as people with dignity and their own opinions.
After the movie, we will have a short input on the similarities of deportation practices in Switzerland by Dr. Lisa Marie Borrelli (HES-SO Valais, NCCR -> on the move), after which we encourage a lively discussion on the topic.


“On the mov(i)e: Eine Filmreihe zum Thema Migration”

Film series taking place in Bern and sponsored by the nccr – on the move


Cinématte (Wasserwerkgasse 7, Bern)

Eintritt: 14.- / 12.-

Programm Herbst 2017 (PDF)

Programm Frühling 2017 (PDF)


Past screenings:

Donnerstag, 21. September 2017, 19.30

Raving Iran, ein Film von Susanne Regina Meures

Schweiz – 2016 – 84’ – o.V. Farsi/Deutsch/Englisch – mit deutschen Untertiteln

Anschliessend Diskussion mit DJ Biru (Musiker und Mitglied des Duos “Roundtable Knights”) und Christin Achermann (Professorin im Bereich Migration, Recht und Gesellschaft, Universität Neuchâtel)


Montag, 30. Oktober 2017, 19.30

L’Escale, ein Film von Kaveh Bakhtiari

Schweiz/Frankreich – 2013 – 90’ – o.V. Farsi – mit deutschen Untertiteln

Anschliessend Diskussion mit Kaveh Bakhtiari (Regisseur) und Margarite Zoeteweij (Postdoktorandin im europäischen Migrationsrecht, nccr – on the move, Universität Fribourg)


Montag, 3. April 2017, 19.30
lo sto con la sposa, ein Film von G. Del Grande, A. Augugliaro and K. S. Al Nassiry

Italien – 2014 –98’ – o.V. Italienisch/Arabisch – mit deutschen Untertiteln

Anschliessend Diskussion mit Constantin Hruschka (Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe, Leiter Protection) und Simon Sontowski (PhD Kandidat und Forscher im Bereich Grenzen und Migration, Universität Zürich)
(Rückblick auf Englisch)


Montag, 22. Mai 2017, 19.30
Drachenfutter, ein Film von Jan Schütte

Westdeutschland – 1987– 75’ – o.V. Deutsch

Anschliessend Diskussion mit Daniel Auer (nccr – on the move, Universität Lausanne) und Harika Yilmaz (Aktivistin, Autonome Schule Zürich)


Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017, 19.30
Der Wille zum Mitgestalten, ein Film von Yusuf Yeşilöz

Schweiz – 2015 –52’ – o.V. Deutsch/Türkisch/Kurdisch – mit deutschen Untertiteln

Anschliessend Diskussion mit Stefanie Kurt (nccr – on the move, Universität Neuchâtel) und Hasim Sancar (Grossrat, Grüne Kanton Bern)



Other past events:

Screening of Becky’s Journey, a film by Sine Plambech, 19.06.2015, 9pm, Heitere Fahne (Bern)

Becky’s Journey (2014) is about Becky, a 26 year old Nigerian woman from Benin City who made two attempts to go to Europe to sell sex – voluntarily. The first time she was intercepted with counterfeit documents in the airport in Lagos, Nigeria, by immigration authorities. This made her decide to begin a deadly journey through the Sahara desert hoping to embark on a smuggler boat bound for Italy. She braves rape and starvation to cross closed borders in search of a better life as a sex worker in Italy. The film is about migration, sex work and human trafficking seen from the perspective of Becky. Becky tells her story in her own words, a fascinating alternative take on migration for the purposes of sex work that is never heard in the mainstream press. You can find the trailer of the film on YouTube here.

The film was followed by short and stimulating inputs from two scholars of the Swiss Network of young Migration Scholars, Nula Frei and Sascha Finger.

Active members:

Lisa Borrelli, Jonathan Pärli, Laura Rezzonico, Tiphaine Robert, Robin Stünzi

Contact person:

Robin Stünzi